Man incorporates himself – Shareholders decide his every move

Frank Doly of Los Angeles, CA has made the decision to incorporate himself and hold an IPO. He has sold stock to this new corporation, allowing shareholders to vote on his every move. He has called this new company, Frank Inc. The Glaze caught up to him and asked him about this decision. “I had a business class that described what it takes to incorporate a business. This same class also described the United States as a company and our Social Security numbers represent our employee identification numbers. This gaveRead More

Hillary Clinton’s cankles officially announce candidacy for presidential run in 2016

In a press release on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was asked about a presidential run for 2016. She didn’t respond. Her cankles, on the other hand, did. After Hillary refused to answer the question, the voice of her cankles was heard over the roar of the reporters. “This woman cannot make up her mind. We will definitely be running in 2016. We plan on running on a platform promoting healthy eating to avoid weight gain and the development of cankles. We are extremely overweight and we feel that cankles are highlyRead More

CONFIRMED: Al Gore invented the internet!

So, we know the internet started in the 1950′s during the cold war. How old was Al Gore at that time? Well, he was born in 1948, which would have made him less than ten years old during the beginning stages of the internet. Or would it? Newly discovered evidence suggests that scientists found his nine year old body frozen in the polar ice caps in 1957. When his body was thawed, he had knowledge beyond the capabilities of technology at the time. Some scientists speculate that he actually hailsRead More