CONFIRMED: Al Gore invented the internet!

So, we know the internet started in the 1950′s during the cold war. How old was Al Gore at that time? Well, he was born in 1948, which would have made him less than ten years old during the beginning stages of the internet. Or would it? Newly discovered evidence suggests that scientists found his nine year old body frozen in the polar ice caps in 1957. When his body was thawed, he had knowledge beyond the capabilities of technology at the time. Some scientists speculate that he actually hails from the highly technologically advanced civilization that would have existed in the lost city of Atlantis.

Shortly after this discovery, Al Gore began reinventing the internet, which was more highly advanced than it is today during his life in Atlantis. he developed the system used during the cold war that allowed researchers the ability to communicate with one another on secure channels. This was the full capabilities of the internet at that time. He went about his life as a normal human being from that point, constantly working with the government, in secret, to develop new stages of internet development as the technology advanced in our society. In fact, every advancement of the internet from 1957 to now was overseen by Al Gore himself.

When asked about these allegations, Al Gore replied,

“Well, I would refer you to the American Legion and the Masons for more information about the topic.”

We at The Glaze were not able to confirm the allegations ourselves, however, we trust our sources in the scientific community and would never report anything that was not absolutely true. These new discoveries about where Al Gore came from could explain his unparalleled and amazing knowledge of issues like climate change despite the overwhelming evidence given by today’s scientists that contradict just about everything he says. It is easy to deduce that Mr. Gore has advanced knowledge of the topic gained during his nine years growing up in Atlantis.

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